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Day 6: 2014 the Game Plan

There has been so much inspiring talk about 2014 goals and plans, it is so incredibly motivating!


Here are the things I am going to tackle this year:

Day to day
– Send more mail
– Keep working on being an active listener
– Get my sewing machine back up and running
– Read a book with a different opinion than mine
– Rediscover Michigan in my life

– Get back into running
– Do pushups every day
– Go to the climbing gym at least 3 times
– Try a new sport (I’m hoping for stand up paddle boarding)
– Keep to a more strict plant based diet

– Submit a talk to a conference
– Become knowledgable in basic design principles
– Have more of a presence
– Code a small app

Hut hut hut . . . go!


Day 1: Learning Design and Writing

Happy New Year!

2014!At my house we’ve been talking for the past 2 weeks about all of the goals we want to set for 2014 which has been exciting and really scary. I’m not sure why we have these lizard brains that freak out when we want to try something new! But today I am fighting my lazy lizard¬†brain to and starting to learn basic design!

A few books that are already on my list to start the journey are:

1) Graphic Design as a Second Language: Bob Gill

2) The elements of Typographic Style: Robert Bringhurst

3) Thinking with Type: Ellen Lupton

4) How to become a designer without going to design school: Karen X. Cheng

I haven’t been good with sticking to an area of study and becoming knowledgeable about it. I hate to admit even to myself that I have a couple of Coursera classes that were started and never finished.

But, a goal I have for myself this year is to have an opinion and stick to it, so let’s get to it right meow :)


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