My Parents  Santa got me a record player for Christmas! I had mentioned that we had an entire Queen album set and Lazaretto (from record day) but nothing to play them on.

Conveniently it also has cd and cassette players … where did I put that Phil Collins tape?

Here it is:

photo 2-8

It sounds and works great but we already have enough wood finish in our living room. The floors are dark brown, the furniture is dark brown the tv stand and bookshelf are both dark brown. Adding a yellow brown was the last thing we needed.

Spray paint to the rescue! I taped up all the knobs (almost perfectly), the speakers and the little screen and let the Rustoleum do its job. And here is the final result:

photo 3-5 photo 4-3


I really like the way the turquoise spray paint turned out. Here is a picture of what I used  (turquoise is called “Seaside”).



Rock on!