Our two bathrooms have some rickety old medicine cabinet mirrors which are next on the chopping block!

Here is a picture of what the current cabinet looks like:


This week I decided that flat mirrors without cabinets behind them was going to be the project. I really don’t care for medicine cabinets, they get gross and I’m sure I would never remember to clean them.

To Craigslist I went and found this beauty (I was half way through taping it up when I remembered that I didn’t take a picture yet! (Only $30 for this Italian made mirror)




I got lucky this week and we had a gorgeous sunny day — perfect for spray paint to cure on the back deck! I first applied a nice white base coat as you can see here. But I think it needs another color, of which I haven’t decided yet.


I’ll hang it like this for now until we get to the color decisions of it’s new home in the bathroom.